Thursday, March 22, 2012

Help Defeat Gay Marriage in Maryland! Sign the Petition

Were you sick and disgusted as the Maryland Assembly and Senate rammed through the bill? Were you sick and disgusted when Gov. O'Malley signed the bill? Do you feel that this really brings Maryland down a step in morals? Then, you have the chance to get this put on the ballot and let the citizens of this state vote.

Get the petition now and sign it! Go here:


Anonymous said...

These gay marriage is smokescreen from the real issues. Also, it is election year for many liberals who will get donations and votes from homosexual organizations.

It is also an agenda to destroy the Catholic church and other christians churches and force them to do same sex marriage and make it a biased hate crime where the so called victim can sue and make money all in the name of the cause.

Anonymous said...

How can we protect Catholic values and teaching when there are so many within our Church who don't even know their faith.

Big news is Terry Mattingly's article in reference to "secular Catholics" which was a term used by a Theologian Tom Beaudoin, who teaches at Jesuit run Fordham University in New York City. Mr. Beudoin even gives us a definition of "Secular Catholics". He defends "Secular Catholicism" and is even getting our hard earned tax dollars in form of grant money..

How can we defeat gay marriage when we have theolgians like Jesuit professors like Tom Beaudoin?

he is the one who is a heretic and in great apostacy for false teaching. He never mentions God because he supports secularism which is of the world and not God.

Maeve Powers, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Anonymous said...

I do not see how this is an issue for the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church does not recognize same sex marriages, so case closed. Some other religions do recognize these marriages. As Catholics, we need to realize that we live in a religiously pluralistic society. All t his money and effort on what will ultimately be
a loosing battle in Maryland. There will be gay marriage, if not now, eventually. Catholics do not need to be so deeply and foolishly involved in politics. "Render to Caesar what is Casar's, and to God what is God's."

Anonymous said...

I personally am against gay marriage, but don't see anywhere in this law where Catholic churches, or any churches, would be forced to perform marriages of gays. I don't think it is our job to keep the state from allowing couples to get married in a civil ceremony. But I am glad that this protects many Catholic churches.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you seem not to understand. The homosexual movement will eventually make it a hate crime and discrimination against Catholic church for not performing same sex marriages.

It's already here. The archdiocese of dc already did lesbian/budist barbara johnson's bidding and suspended Father Marcel on trumped up charges when he denied her holy communion. By punishing Father Marcel the catholic church supported the homosexual movement and same sex marriage.

As a Catholic we are supposed to defend the faith. The faith is being attacked when we are forced to fund abortion and contraceptives.

Obviously you are typical novus ordo lukewarm catholic. maybe you can learn about being a true Catholic.

Maureen Pinay, Hagerstown, Maryland

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, why is the Catholic Church, through its members, enacting gay marriage into LAW?

"Catholic Governors In Five States Sign Legislation" [they show six]

In MD some of these "Catholics" are Mizeur, O'Malley, Mikulski, Healey, Frush, Rosapepe, Sarbanes.

The two Catholic candidates for Republican nomination, Gingrich and Santorum, both support allowing gays to continue serving openly in the military. Santorum says we must "honor" these relationships (just like we do our mom and dad in the 10 commandments).

Gay marriage is the fruit of a homosexual clergy and a congregation willing to continue "worshiping" w/abusers of minors.