Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So much for being open minded & diversity loving...

As I wrote of the incident in St. John Newman, not once did I (and anyone who commented that I can remember) called Barbara Johnson any sort of derogatory name. No one called her "faXXot" or "cXXX" or any other name. We simply explained that she was ineligible to receive communion due to her lifestyle.

So, the following comment is posted and seems to be pretty typical of those who keep speaking of tolerance, open mindedness, accepting of different lifestyles, etc. They are no better than Stalinists.

So, to Barbara Johnson and those who support her, here is one of your own, showing how open minded and tolerant of others he/she/it is. You must be really proud of this person, as he/she/it represents you and how you treat others. And, how you expect them to treat you.


Blogsmith-- Do me a huge favor and go fXXX yourself. Johnson is an absolute saint-- not only did she guide me through an extremely tough time in my life, but she also shaped my entire future. She changed my perspective on art-- on life... she has a fire like no other inside of her that schmucks like you DREAM of having in your pathetic, boring life. New rules, cXXXksXXXXXs. Your horribly inconsistent, older-than-dirt book of arid FARTS won't hold power over this nation for long. Your history of hatred, prejudice, self-gilt-- all that bullshit-- won't be sticking around. So enjoy your pasty-old Emperor Palatine while he can still stand on his arthritis-ridden feet.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Given the foul language of which "blogsmith" seems to be fond, I've no trouble doubting that he/she received extensive guidance from Ms. Johnson. We see the less-than-stellar results of this "guidance" right here. Ms. Johnson, are you proud of your fine work??

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I finally stopped posting the insulting comments on my blog. After awhile you can recognize individuals by their style and their lack of reason. Reason dies when you live according to your passions. These sad souls are slaves of their concupiscence. Paul describes it in Philippians when he says "many go about in a way which shows them to be enemies of the cross of Christ. I have often said this to you before; this time I say it with tears. Such as these will end in disaster." Every time I get a nasty post, I pray a Hail Mary for the sender's conversion.

Joseph said...

I've been watching all of the intolerance and bigotry against the Catholic Church these last few weeks. As a Mormon, I truly sympathize. Not all of us are as crazy about Mitt Romney as you may think, and we would be solidly united with our Catholic friends behind Santorum or Gingrich if either of them won. We surely have different beliefs but we share the same values, just like during Prop 8. After the ridiculous show that MSNBC and the liberal websites and blogs put on this afternoon, it's time for Americans of faith to stand together again. This "new age" alternative lifestyle that 'blogsmith' has embraced, it's just modern day Paganism. Last time the Pagan value system threatened Christianity you guys we're all over it. We got your back :-)