Sunday, March 18, 2012

Today's Wash comPost - Two Unusual Catholics

Today's Washington comPost (by Michelle Boorstein) runs a story called: 2 unusual Catholics spark firestorm.

Now, you can read it as well as I can, but I want to point out a couple of things that struck me from the story:

1. "2 unusual Catholics" First, many of us, even though Canon Law may indicate she is legally a Catholic, do not consider Barbara Johnson "Catholic." There will be those of you who say that is not for you to determine. Okay, fine. But I am not living in an active lesbian relationship, according to Buddhist teachings. She has done this for a number of years. I think that this is persistent and really puts her outside of being a faithful Catholic.

2. Just because Barbara Johnson received Holy Communion once before in 2008, does not mean she she has the right to receive it again. That is not how it works Ms. Boorstein and Ms. Johnson.

3. Regarding the comment from Fr. Reese on Fr. Marcel. I think we should send Fr. Reese to Moscow and keep Fr. Marcel. (See the poll on the side.)

4. Finally, and I think that this is the most telling line in the story. Remember, Barbara Johnson's own words in her paper at Kutztown College (that she was a lesbian and Buddhist):

"Johnson had returned to her alma mater, Elizabeth Ann Seaton High School to teach art, a move she said was part of a process of coming back to Catholicism ON HER OWN TERMS." (my caps)

Notice here what we have:

A. That she is willing to lie about her life to make her the victim; and,

B. She wants to be a part of Catholicism on her own terms and not that of the Church. Sorry, Ms. Johnson, it does not work that way.

Here is the full article:

PS: Did you notice that Barbara Johnson sat right behind Gov. O'Malley (a Gonzaga HS graduate) promoting and celebrating same-sex marriage. What an insult to Catholicism it is by both of them.


Anonymous said...

Concerning your PS - The Washington Post published 2 retractions about the photograph. Bottom line, it is not Barbara Johnson who was involved in the incident with Fr Guarnizo. Also, concerning another mix up of identities, it seems that a totally different person is an activist in Maryland, also named Barbara Johnson, and not the person involved in the incident with Fr. Guarnizo.

Anonymous said...

I also saw the Post retractions about the picture, that it was not the Barbara Johnson in the communion incident who was pictured with the Governor.
I regretfully say that I am very disappointed in Fr Guarnizo turning to the media in such a fashion, with words against all of his superiors in this Archdiocese. Bad-mouthing Cardinal Wuerl, Bishop Knestout, and Fr LaHood is itself a scandal. Fr Guarnizo should remember that "he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword." That was not maintaining the high road. Such tactics and such words do not foster respect for our Church authorities, nor do these tactics foster Church unity.

Anonymous said...

Barbara Johnson became an activist when she decided to exploit her own mother's funeral to promote homosexuality. If she was a former Catholic school teacher, then she knows darn well that she had no business to even go up for communion because she was unrepenting practicing budhist lesbian who worships false Gods and denies Jesus Christ as savior and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

"Cardinal" Wuerls, "Bishop" Knestout and "Father" LahOOd are typical lukewarm novus ordo herectics. Their tactics and actions and indifference to sins against God is the true scandal and is the reason why the there is a lack of unity and respect for the Church. Just like the many cardinals and bishops protected and covered up pedohile priests. At the same time the church was protecting pedophile priests, they were excommunicating traditional catholics and clergy for "disobedience" (2009 Pope Benedict finally lifted excommunication.

Cardinal Wuerl, Bishop Knesto ut and Father hood are lukewarm anti-Catholics who should be excommunicated. Rome also should shut down the archdiocese of DC and merge to another diocese.

The church is in trouble because of many lukewarm novus ordo catholics and clergy who choose obedience to the devil (greed, lust, power, etc) instead of God.

Sister Eucharista, Eddystone, Pa.