Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Should You Cancel Your Cardinal's Appeal Donation?

One my reader's was so upset over the way Fr. Marcel was thrown under the bus, that he called the Archdiocese and cancelled his pledge to the Cardinal's Appeal.

Here is what he wrote to me:

I just found your blog and love it. I called the Cardinal's Appeal office this morning and cancelled my pledge for 2012. When asked why, I said I was offended over the treatment of Fr. Marcel, and this was the only voice I had. The person on the other end began to say something, and then decided to only say: Have a nice day.

For a number of years, I have called for Catholics in this Archdiocese not to give. (I don't give, but at one time I did.) Not because I think that the Cardinal and the staff in Hyattsville are living it up on cruises and cocktail parties, but because I believe we need to send a message to the Cardinal that we will no longer tolerate his stance on handling pro-abortion/anti-family politicians.

Therefore, if you feel the spirit move you, I call upon you to cancel your Cardinal's Appeal donation. This seems to be the only way left to get through to the Cardinal.

If you do, let me know and the reaction from the Archdiocese.

Finally, if you decide to cancel, please take that money and give it directly to a good Catholic charity, like your local Catholic school, St. Ann's Home, a religious community, The Jean Juegen Residence, etc. Don't spend it on a fancy dinner, the movies, etc. You designated that money for a Catholic organization, then follow through.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

It seems odd to me that while you advocate not giving MONEY to the ADW, you seem to have no problem PRAYING w/the ADW. Do you think MONEY is more powerful than PRAYER? According to the Bible, God turns his back on sinners. He does not hear their prayer. Psalm 1"I do not sit in the company of scoffers and sinners." When one continues to pray/worship w/sinners it makes one's prayer ineffectual/powerless. It seems to me if one wants God in one's life, one must follow Matthew C18.

Also some of the groups you are advertising to give to such as St Ann's Infant Home may not be what you think. I was told by St Ann's not to refer pregnant women to St Ann's because they were full "for the year" and that women should not be told to come directly to them anyway. Go here to see who is served by St Ann's and more particularly how these women "pay" for the services provided (none are via charity):


Their children's program is also mostly funded by the state and serves state social services. St Ann's is run by Daughters of Charity. A long time volunteer there, Trudy Conrad, who rec'd "Manifesting the Kingdom Award" from Wuerl also is active in "Catholic Community of Greenbelt".



Catholic Community of Greenbelt is one of the "endorsers' of LGBT New Ways Ministry Conference March 15-17, 2012 in Baltimore, MD:


St Anns is Daughter of Charity org of infamous Sr. Keehan and Eliabeth Seton High School who hired Barbara Johnson as "art" teacher.

If you can't find a diocese to give money to, be very careful to say give to your "local" catholic school (ESHS, Gonzaga (?) where LGBT prolifers met for Jan March for Life)



or other Catholic org such as St. Anns or Providence Hospital where they don't even recommend feeding tubes, but try to get one's dementia suffering spouse to dishonor one's living will(?)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you are right about worshipping with sinners. We were losing our souls with our corrupt local vatican II diocese. So, we joined independent catholic chapel. www.traditio.com/

I love God, Our Blessed Mother and the true Catholic Church and its teachings.

I pray with my independent chapel.

I still have many family and friends within corrupt diocese. Many of my friends and family even left diocese and the catholic church for other religions and atheism.

What about the Columban Missionary Fathers?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention I'm praying for DCCatholic and Father Marcel too.

upbeat01 said...

Is the Catholic Community of Greenbelt in union with Rome? They seem to have ties to the Episcopal Church and to gay activism. If not, why do they mislead people to think they are Catholic?