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Quest for the Living God

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In April of 2011, the USCCB issued a news release, issued a press release regarding Quest for the Living God: Mapping the Frontiers of the Theology of God, by Sister Elizabeth A. Johnson, a Sister of St. Joseph of Brentwood, New York and professor at Fordham University. In this press release the Doctrine Committee, chaired by Cardinal Wuerl, states:

The Doctrine Committee asserted in late March that Quest for the Living God as a work of Catholic theology “does not take the faith of the Church as its starting point” and said “the author employs standards from outside the faith to criticize and to revise in a radical fashion the conception of God revealed in Scripture and taught by the Magisterium.”

I remember this being written about in the Catholic Standard and one of the reasons why this was important, as this was being used to teach large numbers of undergraduates. Therefore, they had to step in and discuss that this book really was inadequate for the study of Catholic theology. (I think I have gotten that one correct.)

You can read about the full news release here:

For those who are interested, you can read the full text of the response by the Doctrine Committee here:

So, why do I bring this up?

It seems that Quest for the Living God is part of the weekly book study at Resurrection Parish in Burtonsville (it is advertised on their website and the book is being sold in the Rectory). So, unless Fr. Keffer is using this book study to explain, in layman’s terminology, of why the bishops have criticized it and where Sr. Johnson went wrong, then why is it being used? (If it is being used to help teach why the views expressed are wrong, I can understand and support.)

So, here we have the Cardinal, as Chair of the Doctrine Committee, criticizing the book, and yet, one of our parishes is “teaching” from it and “selling” it.

We issue statements saying that a priest cannot refuse Holy Communion, but we have a radical retired bishop offering a retreat at St. Al’s in DC and a criticized book being used at one of our parishes.

Go figure.

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing how fast the Washington, Dc diocese was quick to issue an apology to a woman who is in a state of sin. Where was the apology to the many children who were raped and molested by homosexual pedophile priests?

Also, what does the Vatican think of this or do they even know??!!

We should all be writing to our Apostolic Nuncio of USA:

His excellency Carlo Maria Vigano
3339 Massachusetts ave. Northwest
Washington, Dc.

The problem with vatican Ii church is that there is a homosexual sub culture where there are many bishops, cardinals and priests who are homosexual and are waiting to come out of the closet when same sex marriage is legal.

Already obama forced military chaplains to perform marriages for same sex couples. If a chaplain refuses, he will charged with hate crime and kicked out military with dishonorable discharge.

What about hate crimes against heterosexuals, real catholics.

Even Kirk Cameron supports the holy sacrament of marriage and he's not even catholic.

All over the internet there are so many liberals, and liberal search engines. Is Washingtondc catholic and the only websites and blogs who support the Catholic faith???

Not only was Father Marcel Guarinzo "thrown under the bus" but all Christians were thrown under the bus" by lukewarm anti-Catholic Washington dC, hierarchy...

Marie from New Jersey