Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SNAP admits to LYING!

In the text of the deposition – posted online by The Media Report on March 1 – Clohessy was asked by attorneys, “Has SNAP to your knowledge ever issued a press release that contained false information?”

“Sure,” he responded, without offering any defense or explanation.

I think that this says a great deal about SNAP, which seems to be keep funding flowing than anything else.

Read more about it at Catholic News Agency.

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Anonymous said...

SNAP hates everything Catholic.

As a victim of sexual abuse by clergy, I feel that it is about money more then anything. I felt that they abandoned me and many other victims because they were not to make money from our tradgedy.

Their conference should have been in philadelphia but they choose the easy way out. They do everything for money and publicity.
They hate the catholic church.

It is also wrong for the bishops and cardinals to exploit the victims too. They were wrong to be indifferent to rape and molestations and to cover up. It is terrible to further persecute the victims and show so little compassion. All over america very little compassion for victims.

During Penn State scandals the students even showed more compassion by holding prayer vigils for the victims while the local dioceses still put the blame on the victims.

And SNAP makes things worse for the victims.

Audrey Chienowski South Philly