Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy St. Joseph's Day

As I go by the name "Joe WashingtonDCCatholic" on Facebook (which of course, is not my name), I thought it would be most appropriate to wish everyone a very happy and blessed Feast Day of St. Joseph.

As the patron saint of workers, I ask today that he watches over all those who labor and ensures that they return to their families safe and sound.

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Anonymous said...


Like Christmas being replaced with happy holidays and Xmas, St. Valentines day being valentines day. Now it seems that many are even forgetting about St. Patrick's Day as a religious holiday which is celebrated with Holy sacrifice of Mass. Also, the liberals are replacing shamrocks with four leaf clovers. Shamrock were used by St. patrick to teach the people the Holy Trinity. It Shamrock (3 leaf clovers) which is the true symbol of St. Patrick's Day.

Ann Breslin, washington, Dc